Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jessica Schuler

Just think
Everytime I think of you
Smiles on my face
Stars shining bright
I keep you in my thoughts
Creating new ones each day
A warm feeling in my chest
Somehow, my mind is a whirl
Can't keep up with the idea
How can it be
Understanding is impossible
Laughing as we go
Each day is better than the last
Ready for anything

Pat's Beard

A man of men
a man of girth
a man with beard
such hairs of worth

what to say
to the man with beard
his fearsome brow
never once sheared

a hair so big
a hair so brawny
no one can match
hair worn so fondly

Respect the Beard
Respect the stache
Respect the man
for his fury to lash


Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Luckiest

This is the my favorite song of all time by Ben Folds. I was introduced it by a very close friend of mine. I won't mention a name because I don't know if that person wants it up here. This is the only song that I will probably always like.

don't get
many things right the first time
in fact
I am told
that a lot
Now I know all the wrong turns
the stumbles and falls brought me here
And where was I before the day
that I first saw your lovely face
Now I see it
And I know
that I am
I am
I am
The luckiest
What if I've
been born
fifty years before you
in a house
on a street
where you live
maybe I'd be outside
as you passed on your bike
would I know
And in a wide sea of eyes
I see one pair that I
and I know
that I am
I am
I am
The Luckiest
I love you more than I have
ever found a way to say
to you
Next door
there's an old man
who lived to his nineties
and one day
passed away
in his sleep
and his wife
she stayed for a couple of days
and passed away
I'm sorry
I know that's some
strange way to tell you
that I know
we belong
that I know
that I am
I am
I am
The luckiest

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Whether you're a crazed psychopath
with the voice of a banshee.
Or an incredible musician
where music, your life will be.
Or you're an energetic freakhouse
that's impossible to control.
Or if you're abnormally short
that you can fit in a cereal bowl.
whether you're taller than buildings
and swifter than rabbits.
Or if you're just plain trustworthy
with very kind habbits.
Or if you're in your own world
and change subjects more than anyone.
Or if you embarrass us
but still make things incredibly fun.
But no matter who you are
or what you do.
You are always a drama monkey
and we will miss you.